Our check box listing-creation form walks you through the listing process allowing those with even basic, general knowledge of construction sites to manage fill dirt & materials.   Monetize those dump & fill sites!

Dynamic response lists only the information you input or select- resulting in standardized, high quality listings.

Check boxes and radials minimize typing, allowing for quick field entry from laptops and mobile phones.

Listing becomes extremely fast and easy. Even listing for the first time, the process only takes 5 to 15 minutes for a high quality listing. Some work sites may require minimal information while other sites are information heavy.

Start by choosing Export or Import Site.(required)

Select your material type. (required)


Select any additional material properties.(optional, dynamic response)



If you are dealing in structural material, specify properties present or desired.(optional, dynamic response)



Enter the number of cubic yards you have/need.(required)



Specify the moisture content from a drop down list.



Select offer details to convey the general sense of the interaction.



Enter any pricing information- per tandem load, per semi load, per ton or a flat price.(optional, dynamic response)



Additional cost information provides the general sense of what the other party can expect regarding loading, trucking or additional site work requirements.(optional, dynamic response)



Work dates (required) + urgency.



Being able to fully communicate current site access saves valuable time and misunderstandings.(optional, dynamic response)



Provide an overview of additional site considerations.(optional, dynamic response)



Does your site have special requirements? This section is invaluable to stop people from showing up without hard hats and PPE.(optional, dynamic response)



Your work-site address can be specific, general, a job number or if top secret, just get close!(required, discretionary input allowed)



Entering your city, state and zip code creates a trinity power of search results online, while maintaining confidentiality.(required)



Enter contact information specific to the listing you are creating.  Assign specific duties,  designate yourself or input general contact information like, sales department.



You can choose your work site location type or display contact required to reinforce communications.



Designate if your site is a Continuous Hours Operation. (optional, dynamic response)  A Continuous Hours Operation means your work site has SET hours of operation at least ONE day per week.  Choosing Yes means you will enter your hours of operation when others are allowed to arrive unannounced.  There is also an option for requiring contact prior to any FIRST-TIME ARRIVALS (addressed later in the form).



You can designate first load and last load times saving a tremendous amount of confusion and wasted trips.  When this information is provided at the onset- confusion is minimized.



Inclement weather notice, perfect for CHO locations or predictive scheduling.(optional, dynamic response)



Providing information in a proactive way, results in professional reactions.(optional, dynamic response)



Title your listing in your own creative way.  Specific business names and specific addresss are NOT advised due to this field being viewed publicly.(required)



The description box lets you cover any remaining details.  Once again, business names and specific addresss are NOT advised due to this field being viewed publicly.



 Have tens or hundreds of projects? Simply assign each site’s project manager as a sub user and you can have all of your sites listed in record time!

Do you have multiple regions and divisions of your business? Create more than one account for your company, for example: West, Midwest, South, Northeast.  As we are service based and not revenue based- we will help customize your account so that it fits YOUR needs.

If you have unique circumstances or materials that the form does not currently address- please let us know and we will add your solution FREE OF CHARGE!


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