Here are some cost-saving techniques, of an almost limitless combination, available on

  1. Site work:

    A new building requiring sewer and water generates excess trench spoils through the parking lot and building pad. A listing up 2 to 4 weeks (or months) in advance, is the difference in trucking the spoilage directly to a nearby site requiring fill dirt, or the added expense of stockpiling trench spoils, reloading and trucking dirt out again later. One listing continues to generate leads autonomously.  View this example EXPORT listing(public) or the example Subscriber view.

  2. Developers:

    A real estate development company owns several tracts of land throughout the United States. Listing sites requiring import or export on this nationwide network may result in receiving free or reduced rate work from companies desperately needing fill sites or dirt & material, resulting in greater profitability for ALL involved.  View this example IMPORT listing(public) or the example Subscriber view. (Also marked completed to end inquiries.)

  3. Business Locations & Specific Details:

    Being able to post hours, first – last load times and a multitude of other factors, allows total control of specific tasks. Interested industry-specific entities and users see results immediately, resulting in a more focused audience than even the best “targeted online ad campaign”. Smaller quarries and landfills can be hard to locate when working in an unfamiliar location. Listings can be posted for general day-to-day operations ensuring that contractors know of your existence. The ability to create listings with posted hours adds layers of value and customization. View this example EXPORT listing(public) or the example subscriber view.

  4. Excavators:

    A mass dirt construction work site requires 3 field superintendents. Each superintendent can create listings to handle their portions of the job. The south line superintendent may create a listing to EXPORT black dirt for sale and create an EXPORT listing for excess clay in which loading is inclusive. The north line superintendent may decide to IMPORT recycled or repatriated stone for the parking lot thereby paying cents on the dollar. The centerline operations superintendent may decide to create his own listings, or delegate them to the north or south line superintendent. At a later date, any one of them can also create additional listings to import/export fill dirt and materials as desired for site balance.  The ability to create multiple listings for ONE site with “listing-specific points-of-contact” is performance driven. View this example EXPORT listing for Topsoil.

  5. Innovative Bidding Advantages:

    Two new construction sites are scheduled to begin in reasonable proximity, this Spring. Site #1, via Company A, requires the importation of structural fill- to the tune of 20,000 cubic yards. Site #2, via Company B, is long on structurally suitable material to the tune of 30,000 cubic yards. Company A can take the excess structurally suitable fill from Company B, while Company B saves tremendous amounts of trucking costs and dump fees on 20,000 cubic yards. When savings are massive: amicable, fair solutions and trades are easy to secure. These two previously unmet companies can now seriously get down to business. View the example EXPORT or IMPORT listing.

Takeaway: Handle projects according to your own focus & style.

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