There is an ever-increasing need for easier fill and dump site locating.  Construction site & roadway materials could often be reused through redirection to other projects, rather than landfills, resulting in greatly reduced costs and positive impacts on the environment.  The main obstruction to this has been relying on word-of-mouth to locate such reuses.  Until now.


  • Easily locate import and export sites nationwide
  • Redirect and share construction materials
  • LOWER OR ELIMINATE some expedition costs
  • Spend less time “making contacts” and more time using them
  • Checkbox form for fast dynamic listing creation


  • Zip code based search function – minimum disclosure, maximum exposure
  • Worksite address entry allows for specifics or “just getting close”
  • High exposure of listings while minimizing nuisance inquiries
  • Portfolio Confidentiality – users CANNOT search by company name
  • Company Administrator can create, view and/or edit ALL listings for your company
  • Sub users can create, view and edit ONLY the listings they have created

Cornerstone Subscription:

  • Company/Entity Administrator Account
  • Company logo & profile
  • Easy creation of master linked sub users as desired
  • An unlimited number of listings to manage your site resources from start to finish

Cornerstone Confidence:

  • Logo, profile and listing-specific points-of-contact, visible ONLY to members
  • High exposure of your listings publicly, while maintaining control
  • Evaluate companies PRIOR to initiating first-contact

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