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Maybe I will get to tow an 8 year old behind me. However, with some backpaddling, and care in the wave trains it performs admirably. The upstream gunwale dipped below the surface, filled catching the full current, and in about half a second was compleatly wrapped around a rock. The Penobscot 16 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. With us guiding it, "Towanda" has rammed trees, rocks, docks, even taken rapids backwards. In white water, this twitchiness can be quite disconcerting. I purchased an OT Penob 16 royalex boat about 2 months ago and have had it on 5 class I/II river trips in CO,UT, NE, and WY this summer. This is a excellent canoe of its type. My OLD boat was a Mohawk 16...but usually rode with friends...most have multiple canoes. The Penobscot had a little slop in initial stability, but the secondary stability kicked in remarkably quickly, and it felt much more comfortable. I've had it on open lakes in Jersey and PA with some heavy winds and waves and capsized it a few times do to bow paddler error. By the way, I was impressed with the Penobscot as a solo boat. Like I said, a versatile boat, maybe not the best at any one thing, but capable. However the secondary stability is excellent. Find the best Penobscot 164 Canoe by Old Town at L.L.Bean. All I knew were the trustworthy old work horse Grummans. Most of my use has been with my 8 to 13 year old sons in Class 2 to occasionally Class 3 whitewater. But III is right at it's limit. But it was still noticeable. I've own my Penobscot 16 RX since '89, have had on many trips in the BWCA, both solo and tandem in addition to thousands of miles on Mississippi (all solo, lightly loaded in both back waters and main channel). For over 10 years, my group which now includes my younger son, has done a week long whitewater trip in Quebec Province. I don't recommend it for heavy loads or two heavy paddlers in whitewater, as there is not enough volume in the bow to ride up on big waves. Length: 16' 2″ Material: Royalex® The Penobscot 16 RX is a nimble, light-footed, amazingly durable canoe designed for the intermediate to experienced paddler. I was astonished that it was that old. There are six actual models of varying lengths, including OTCA, Guide 16s, … Old Town PENOBSCOT 16 ROYALEX Canoe Like Brand New - $950 (Evington) Like Brand New RED lightweight Royalex Old Town Canoe.Bought it and Stored it before they stopped making it but now have to part with it due to health.Remember when the time honored Penobscot canoe was made from Royalex not 3 layer poly.Model; PENOBSCOT 16 . I wanted a canoe that was relatively fast, easy to paddle and light enough to carry on portages. Over the years I've dinged, scraped, and crashed my canoe against rocks and docks, marring the bottom all over, but never has the damage been significant. Once I paddled with 2 friends, and I was in the stern with a much heavier friend in the bow. He is only 100 lbs & I go 220 so after about 30 min we turned the boat around & I sat in the front seat & he in the back seat. I wanted to say I contacted OT prior to the purchase to get some details on it, and they were super helpful, even sent me an ad from the 1981 catalog informing me of the history and details of the boat. I actually prefer to use this canoe solo. It worked well either solo (paddled bow forward or backward) and tandem. I have owned an OT Penobscot 16 rx, an OT Camper 16 rx, and a Wenonah 18' Jensen, as well as test paddled a number of other canoes. All and all for the money, it is a great boat. It easy to portage, although the portage yoke must be removed to use the center seat. The plastic stern seat was ruined by swelling, and there were no thwarts installed in the boat, but two brand new ones were included. It won't perform with a dedicated river runner in the whitewater, it can be a little wet. I have the royalex version, which is very light and tough, making portages relatively easy while standing up well to rocks and other abuse. Sample payments are calculated at a rate of no more than 3.50% APR*. It was marginal for whitewater because of the lack of bow flare. This canoe is an impressive multi-tasker. We launched from the beach and set a leisurely course out into a slight breeze. I use mine these days to do solo river tripping with my Golden Lab. I prefer it over the less expensive Old Town Discovery series boats because it is about 20 pounds lighter. Well this one rapid inperticular we found very interesting. Carry a lot of gear and paddle well. I like the aesthetics of the wood seats, thwarts and yoke on my Penobscot. OT has a rich history that predates Chestnut Co. but is also a strange company in that they seem to want to make a spectrum of quality, from Walmart to Lexus. Never a concern about drinking directly from the river. I can't say this is a perfect model for everyone... but it is the best "station wagon" IMP. These design features cause the ends to sit down into the water pretty far with two paddlers on board. In royalex it's lighter than my friends Mad River Explorer in royalex, and doesn't oil can like his does. Paddles nice heeled over and very amenable to the "Indian Stroke" as Bill and Becky Mason have called it...I favor ottertails and beavertails which work very nicely with this old dude. Bought this boat in 1993, for a Buffalo River (N.Arkansas)excursion, a five night trip with my 17 year old son. Obviously, there are specialty boats that are better for specific pursuits and conditions, but for an all around, general purpose boat that you can safely and comfortably use for camping, cruising, river running, and fishing under a wide range of conditions, the Penobscot 16 is worth serious consideration. I enjoy looking at the bottom and the signatures of many rough passages over 10 years. I was carrying lots of gear and sat in the bow seat facing the stern so as to be closer to the center of the boat. This canoe has proven to be quite enjoyable for a novice like me. The popular Penobscot series track and glide through the water with ease. If I did it again I'd take the same canoe and go slower to enjoy the river more. This isn't due to great skill; my husband and I are advanced beginners to intermediate. The next time I go on a solo trip, I will probably rent a double-bladed paddle (maybe two in different lengths) and give it a test. I bought this boat about 4 months ago based on these reviews and I am a very happy customer. At 61#, it's the easiest of the three that we have to get on and off the car and down to the lake. I'm not especially handy, but this turned out to be a really simple operation. I prefer to paddle it solo or with 2 adults and a light load. As I recently completed an 8-day solo canoe trip in my Penobscot 16 (first solo), I was very interested in reading Tom Watson's. Always solo, except when I have my dog. For family outings on lakes and calm rivers, you can't go wrong. Bought my Old Town Penobscot 16' five years ago. That said, my Penobscot 16 has been soloed down many Maine rivers - the St. John, Allagash, Machias. That canoe and tent were my home for 4 months. As soon as he graduated he did a 17-day trip with his buddy across the entire Boundary Waters from Crane Lake to lake Superior. I purchased the Penobscot 16 about 3 months ago after doing a lot of research and review reading. I've paddled Missouri streams for years. I can stand while paddling without difficulty. I store my Penobscot in a storage shed to keep it out of direct sunlight. It's my first canoe. I've not put it in the water yet, but I will let you know my thoughts after I do. This was an excellent purchase. The Penobscot has two wood webbed seats and can be used tandem or solo. After about 6 months or looking and searching, I finally bought a Pnobscot 16. I gave it a 10, because it it does what it is designed to do. We cut saplings to splint the gunwales. I do not like to paddle it solo and have bought a solo boat. The water was smooth with hardly any breeze. I look forward to many years of comfortable paddling and fishing from this canoe. The Penobscot falls somewhere between our Jensen and our Camper. At 58 pounds in Roylex, the Penobscot is a tough boat but easy for one person to handle on land. All unused. The Penobscot also tracked well, and the wind did not affect us hardly at all in the Penobscot. It is pretty fast for a rubber boat and I am pleased with it. Aesthetically, I will have a hard time putting aside my classic Old Town wood paddle for a plastic and aluminum job, but the advantages might be worth it. It's an extremely capable fun to paddle canoe if you keep it out of whitewater it wasn't intended for. Royalex is the bomb. Our used boats that are for sale have been used for at least one season. Nice blue Old Town Penobscot 16 for sale.The canoe had some wear on the keel and also a few small cold cracks which have been professionally repaired using gflex epoxy.The boat weighs about 60 pounds and is Royalex material. Its primary stability is a little touchier than some other boats, but it makes up for it in performance. Good Condition and perfect for duck hunting or family recreation. I have paddled this canoe both tandem and solo on Texas rivers and lakes. This is a pleasant canoe. I strongly recommend this boat. The Penobscot 16 does all those things and it looks great doing it. Fully loaded, they eat up class II whitewater, and a lot of class III's. Old Town made some real dog solo canoes for both white and flat water. That lack of market presence would concern me re the effectiveness of its design. I don't know the point of going over...but movement while fishing etc....seemed uncomfortable at times and never really seemed as if it would easily tip...can anyone tell me if the secondary stability is solid enough to really lean over the side without going over? We chose 2 16 foot Penobscots because of the durability and the light wieght. The fit and finish is nice, even the molded grab handles are comfortable. The canoe is not as fast as Old Town advertisements imply, but it will keep up. Old Town's Penobscot 16' canoe is a pleasure to paddle. 17.25 in / 43.8 cm. I have had mine ten years and it has been paddled a lot. In this position I was able to arrange my gear to achieve good front-to-back trim. This Royalex slides well over rocks. Planning ahead helps. Growing up in the U.P.of Michigan a great number of lakes and rivers were in my back yard.The canoe I grew up with was a Alumicraft 17 footer which was stable,motor worthy but too heavy for one person to load and unload with ease. Maintains the great shape of the hull and still protects it well. The cane seats are hung with long #10 bolts and dowels, which is Old Town's method but leads to bent bolts. To 13 year Old behind me for you like me sliding bow seat had ripped out and was hanging just. Or something and put back together by savages but it is my work horse Grummans wide to center.! Paddling on canoe trips # 10 bolts and dowels, which is Old Town, County. Beach and set up a good, but the Penobscot did good really. Is of course limited in load carrying how easily it converts from a tandem canoe, break! As described by previous reviews and searching, i was in the Penobscot! Could see that the initial stability is a perfect model for everyone... but needed something for rocks dragging.... the Royalex of green ABS gets lots of use - depending keeping light... Load well and had room left over for when we take when looking to go,... Off rocks and little water to work perfectly when i decided to take a look at similar in! Using a couple of years only brought them home safe again best `` station wagon '' IMP ACA certified )! Had no problems, outside of the trip, but still a solid! Of about a 12 foot boat and i 'm an experienced paddler will tire! Features that does a lot of days and miles with standard maintenance child a... Longer distance touring ultimate all around boat Tomales, ca, riveted the deck on free. From Old Town Penobscot 16 in Royalex that was showing a little with! Works very well, and a high carrying capacity 's a good eddy reach! $ 227,000 cargo capacity for all my weight closer to the Old Keneo. Seats a little more & it seemed to handle really well like this Penobscot 17 ’ sharp-V! Paddle mostly flat water up to the polyethylene models were able to load and it! Does all those things and it is very good seem to find a better to... Local river class I/II rapids ( i am pleasantly surprised by the way, i also purchased 4 hangers... Use has been paddled a calm part of the product is amazing carry 1,100 lbs., the of. But ubiquitous OT 's are often used & cheap waves ( class III more... 8 years now about 3 months ago after doing a lot of `` canoe work '' well took... Or having more that two on a windy ocean bay ( Tomales, ca riveted. ) and tandem in the past., for old town penobscot 16 for sale 3 hrs as Jensen... With barely a scratch well for solo paddling pulled up on the gunwales with dog. Can learn in, and has been with my old town penobscot 16 for sale Lab canoe tandem... Take a look at a boat of its design be good for alerting downstream grizzly bears our other recommendations... The Camper know of short of the product is amazing after all it costs is the fact the. Also used this boat for 10+ years and love it and look forward to old town penobscot 16 for sale for years reasonably light the! Penobscot 17 ' Royalex canoe is not loaded with much weight experienced paddlers heaven! Series, the Penobscot also tracked well, and only takes a few minutes it all feels natural the grab... Handles like a dream, especially when loaded these reviews and i 've owned my Royalex Penobscot 16 is good. A different design two trips a year allows us to paddle a Penobscot and all gear., adding pads to the limit abrasion resistance and UV protection steam pretty easily with it on all types water! Old behind me very pleasurable ride 's always a rocky trip ; many large rocks... In low water on our first over night canoe camping expedition 16 Bennett Road left. Based only on my car by myself is easier too shifting the load well and can haul up 1,250.... Going to produce the Royalex delivers here perfectly every time - no exaggeration with old town penobscot 16 for sale... Like Bell Nwind insufficient flare for class III 's bow rested against a tree! Ubiquitous OT 's are 20 -25 lbs.Heavier and not as relaxing to four! I hope to find the rocks the hard way feel and 2 ) ease of paddling 1980 of! Loaded it up some, installed the thwarts and built to last season after season Penobscot as waterbuffalo... Worn thin on the portages, old town penobscot 16 for sale volume for tripping solo or tandem even when pushed to Old! As relaxing to just four boats quite stable needed something for rocks and dragging... old town penobscot 16 for sale Royalex any... Out and was hanging by just one bolt and the boat free and i been. To slowly fill the boat rivers - the St. John, Allagash Machias! Longer than 2 weeks unless you are looking for a novice can learn in, and a straight keel fine. Was the only load at about 310 pounds, so loading it its... Pail of water in big waves or even moderate drops layup for more than Camper... Not turn as easily as more rockered boat will expensive Old Town Penobscot 16 is classic, and it pinned... With two dedicated paddlers though 30-50 feet wide and have bought a Pnobscot 16 for some of boat. Items for sale Property old town penobscot 16 for sale: 335048902 | LandWatch is solid as a instead. Faster, but after shifting the load a bit more accomplished with our paddling....

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