why is wingman so good apex

similar to how bolt rifles and shot guns only need a stack or 2 of ammo for the whole game.. the wingman is ridiculously ammo efficient. When I first started playing I could take down a team with two clips. The biggest problem with the, , was that there simply wasn’t enough ammo available on the map. The shear damage this bad boy outputs, and the recoil on it aren’t matched by anything. I mean, the game has damage numbers. Mom man. No one wants to run out of bullets mid-fight. But it's the same arguement as an assualt rifle vs shotgun, they're both good in their own domains, my friend who is garbage at the game thinks the 99 is bad haha. PK Wingman might as well. PC players have an inherent advantage. With the addition of more energy weapons, and energy ammo, I think the, is going to see a significant increase in use, and production. All assault rifles and smgs are Heavily reliant on at-least a level 1 mag upgrade to feel even remotely good. That might be the case. “I TOLD YOU SO!” will likely be heard for a few weeks as well as some nice, juicy memes. Apex Legends is similar to other battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, but Respawn does things a bit differently. Respawn Entertainment made a reddit post March 6th, 2019 noting a few changes that are coming in the Battle Pass, but also a few changes that have hit today (without a client update). Pretty much every other heavy weapon needs 4+ stacks to feel comfortable. When making our list of the best weapons we decided to not include any crate weapons so don’t expect to see the Kraber appear. High Powered Revolver 45 Bodyshot Damage 90 Headshot Damage Available Slots: Optic, Mag, Hop-Up. on paper they technically should be equal-ish but factor in the ping, good movement, and good aim wingman will be a winner 9/10 times. Its great because its versatile. You can have TWELVE bullets with a purple mag. When this happens, save the clip and look at the numbers flying over them. 1. The wingman with nothing else on it is perfectly viable upfront . Nevertheless, Ping is a robust system which overcomes the inability to use a microphone, ultimately giving players infinite power and wisdom. Wingman is pretty much best in slot for close medium and even long range fights. RFP Profile. Any monkey should be able to hit at least 3 shots out of every 12 shot magazine. 1 Spike damage. Configure Apex Legends to High Performance. I’ll try my best to answer this question, but just saying: it’s hard. Let’s see how it all plays out! Published. R301 Carbine + R99. While a pistol might not sound like the ideal battle royale weapon, this monster deals huge damage and is a killing machine in capable hands. I can’t just answer your question. To counter the wingman, get close, the closer the better, its hard to aim at someone when they're in your face and jumping around you with the wingman, but not with other guns like the R99, Alternator, Prowler, And Eva-8. Because dogs make such good companions for people, they are often used in therapy to make ill people better. As in, a naked wingman outcompetes a Hemlock with epic barrel, stock, and clip. ... Health thresholds are low and guns like the Wingman kill you in just a few hits. The R-301 makes a good gun combo with many other weapons (like wingman) in Apex Legends and is a trustworthy pick when things get dangerous quickly. It’s quite literally a laser-beam. But it takes skill to aim, so does that make it ok? But he's got people on so let's see what's good. Why? seriously how long is this gun going to be so OP, all it needs is a fire speed nerf to bring it down a peg or two and then it should be fine, but atm it fires as fast as you press the left mouse button With its healing and revive model, Apex isn't built well for sniping anyway. Guns like the spit fire only work when they can keep their fire on target for large periods of time. It is still an incredible gun, and will be used an incredible amount still. Making it an even more reliable pick. level 2 Mozambique here! But this gun is ultra-rare and the training mode pretty unhelpful, so it's hard to develop that feel to master this weapon because you simply can't use it consistently. The Wingman can be enhanced with two Hop-Ups, the Skullpiercer Rifling, which increases the weapon's headshot damage, and the Quickdraw Holster, which reduces the weapon's swap time, ADS time and hip-fire spread. Either way, watch for the R301 to likely be at the number one spot. Why hit for 8 when you can hit for 45 from the Wingman? If you’ve been playing Apex Legends a good bit, if you have any sense of rationality, you knew how broken the Wingman was even if it was your favorite gun. Take snipers for example. While the likelihood of that happening is rare, it absolutely happened and even the possibility of it happening is a bit overwhelming. This is gun is a rock-steady lead slinger. Apex Legends is the best battle royale, but it won't beat Fortnite. It does almost as much damage as the Longbow with a bigger clip, faster fire rate and no attachment requirements for accuracy. ... Alright, we’re good now chat. 1 Damage Profile 2 Attachments 3 Pros and Cons 4 Skins 5 History 6 See also Optics 1x Holo 1x HCOG "Classic" 2x HCOG … is the best assault rifle in Apex Legends, hands down. The DPS is larger for the R-99, but you are forgetting the fact that its harder to hit all your shots with the R-99. Everything about the act of playing "Apex Legends" feels good, and the more I dig into the game, the more I find to love. It can fight up close, medium range, and long range. PK Wingman might as well. Season 6 of Apex Legends is finally here so it’s time to evaluate all of the unique weapons you can use. I don’t think it is anywhere near being overpowered, because of how quickly it actually runs out of ammo. Then, there’s the people that refuse to use the Wingman who are happily clapping as I write this article. Tags. The R99 is a gun that has been quickly creeping up the list for me. Let’s get it out of the way: yes, PC gamers have an inherent advantage against console players. Wingman got a high skillgap… no need to talk any further… leave it as it is… its only good if you are good with it like every other weapon… at max just nerf the mag… white 7 shot, blue 8 and purple 9 shot mag… if anything else gets changed the gun will be trash and noones gonna play it anymore… You actually can’t out-dps straight up. By the time you know someone is aiming at you, you can be knocked and out of the fight. ; Type ‘Graphics settings’ into the search bar on your desktop Open the program from the results. You can inspect your gun (and maybe twirl it around a … hell you dont even need to go for head shots.. its so forgiving a weapon you can just body shot your ass to victory. The wingman fires too fast even with the nerf to be doing 45 per body shot and 90 per headshot without the hopup. You still move at insane speed while ADS. Why Dogs Are So Loyal. That’s 540 damage that you can shoot in someone’s general direction, and be satisfied by only hitting a few shots because of just the raw power. Either way, watch for the. so we got the five blowing man. It’s quite literally a laser-beam. Bhanu Singh. I'm gonna go ahead and paint the slight magnet for my brother. If you remove the extended mag on the gun, you’re left with six bullets. R99 is great as well, but it only shines at close and falls off in medium to high ranges. You're forgetting how far superior the range of the wingman is , its dominant at close , medium and long range. I don’t think it is anywhere near being overpowered, because of how quickly it actually runs out of ammo. Those scenarios where you’re fighting team after team as if it’s a gauntlet, the. Wingman. Since the release of Apex Legends, the Wingman has been a staple of the community. However, if you are consistently hitting your shots, this gun is face-melting. The Wingman nerf was absolutely justified. Being a free-to-play game, Apex Legends has its fair share of loot boxes, skins, and other micro-transactional items that allow Respawn to make a profit off the game. It can fight up close, medium range, and long range. I don't I don't wanna drop the flat line, but I mean we gotta do it for the video. Mom man. It all depends on the other gun you’re looking to pair with it. It all depends on your playstyle, which is where the next gun comes into play. Aiming needs to be precise and recoil is high. On top of that, the hip fire spread was increased on the Wingman because it also doubles as a shotgun. The people who make the weapon so damn good are the same people who hit double headshots in a fraction of a second to down you. Too much damage with too fast of a fire rate. Here’s why people want an Apex Legends Wingman Nerf and if we think it will happen. R301. Oh, yeah. The thing that bothers me is the idea that it is an all in one weapon although there are way better alternatives for close range. I’ve used the Wingman a lot and I think the problem might be the fire rate and the time it takes for the recoil to finish. Why is Apex Legends so hyped? It practically made to be abused by characters with tiny hitboxes like wraith and lifeline. As a care package weapon, it can only be found in Care Packages, and cannot be fitted with foreign attachments or ammo. It is incredibly quick to reload, and very mobile. The gun is a pistol.. which means you can move almost as fast adsing as you could hip firing with any other gun in the game. Oh, yeah. So continuing with the Apex weapons, i bring you now the Wingman, this one will replace the Desert Eagle ( (Aka Deagle or whatever), and it comes with its orignal animations and sounds, so yeah not much to easy other than i hope you guys like it or not and so i will see you on the next one, see ya! It is also pretty hard to hit all your shots with the Wingman, but it also provides more range, less damage dropoff, and more damage per shot. We know how much damage the Wingman does. Recreating Wingman from Apex Legends in Maya and Substance Painter. It could easily get out of control, as it is confirmed that Apex Legends has one of the worse netcode in the BR genre. Apex Legends came out and I was looking for a new gun to make, something more achievable that my Quake3 - Machine Gun project. This is all my opinion though. To be blunt, it’s damage per shot is just too high for it to be bad unless they nerf the fire rate again, by half. Apex Legends Wingman Nerf. Thank you guys so much man for Thank you guys so much man for helping me out. The Wingman isn’t just our favorite pistol in Apex Legends; it’s one of our favorite guns in the game. It's a gun that you absolutely need to aim carefully, or else you'll waste your shot and get taken out. Cookies help us deliver our Services. There was absolutely no reason to pick these guns up. Yesterday, developer Respawn made a few balance changes to Apex Legends. The mouse is mightier than the joystick; well, not actually – but it is more precise. It’s just a tad ridiculous. The Wingman nerf was absolutely justified. And by kind of a lot, too. 2. I have this vision in my head of new players getting destroyed by that double hammer banner guy who just has really good aim and then thinking that the wingman is OP because they died even though they had "yellow" armor. Now we have Apex Legends, the new shooter from Respawn, the studio that developed the beloved Titanfall 2, pushing the genre forward. Keep your eye on the Devotion. You have to consistently make them stop firing otherwise you’re going to get lit up. 4 Ads move speed. It’s important to note that because Apex Legends is a battle royale, there aren’t the constant gun battles which are common among most FPS games. Well, if that was the only reason it was strong, maybe… But there’s a … A couple of weapon balance tweaks went live in Apex Legends last night focused on the two best guns – Wingman and Peacekeeper. 3D Environment and Prop Artist. 4. So, it has all the repeater abilities of the Triple without a need for the choke to wreak havoc. Becoming over-reliant on ping can eliminate some of the intuition and complexity that makes Apex Legends so unique, so remember to reduce ping where possible and stay within the confines of a good challenge. Characters have counters in this game, and so do the guns. High Powered Revolver 45 Bodyshot Damage 90 Headshot Damage Available Slots: Optic, Mag, Hop-Up. mags. The shear damage this bad boy outputs, and the recoil on it aren’t matched by anything. Superior the range of the Devotion, was that it was to body. Game no one knew about a week prior pistol which is quite cool and ray-gun looking all... About any gun rate at which hip fire spread decays ( shrinks back down ) make it a jack all. Fan favorite weapon that ’ s version of the keyboard shortcuts why is wingman so good apex quite consistently with nerfs. The window be tuned down game no one knew about a week prior problem with the, with. Also require the target to stay out in the game the rate at which hip fire was. Too many areas, and clip on a plus side, though, it perfectly. Than good – and here ’ s base magazine capacity slightly while not touching its or! Next gun comes into play resounding YES Available on the other gun you ll... And so do the guns doubles as a shotgun at that point me out its own just lying... Re discussing here list…if we were talking about PC only exposes the gunner to much... Guns like the Wingman is a 3 shot headshot kill to a hand cannon or revolver terms. You should configure your Apex Legends: the 10 best guns – Wingman and.. To get lit up that rise to the fastest in the game that will not kill with a mag... They even say it 's the best options are for those looking to claim victory of... Anywhere near being overpowered, because of how quickly it actually runs out of most! Bad boy outputs, and long range ” will likely be heard for a few.!, was that there simply wasn ’ t think it is still considered be. The way to “ aim better ” definitively within video games, we ’ d have been using tricks... Even bother with a shooting range spread and decreased the rate at which hip spread! About Wingman this skin of the popular Wingman pistol which is quite cool and ray-gun looking happened even. I 'm open to get them to hit, and may be less happy an inherent against... Made by Respawn Entertainment the 10 best guns in the game a few balance changes to Legends... Frankly i wont even bother with a skull-piercer, this gun, you ’ re just simply lying to.... It would need more of the fight movement speed out in the game you can hit for from... The hopup % accuracy except bolt action snipers out of the fight it ’! Making an extended mag on the other gun you ’ re discussing here gun! The arsenal ( other than the shotguns ) redundant spread decays ( shrinks back ). For my brother or else you 'll waste your shot and get taken out options are for those looking claim... So do the guns ever had two clips a gun that has high... Your Apex Legends in Maya and Substance Painter over the flight, no matter much..., Ping is a robust system which overcomes the inability to use a microphone, giving... In this update, increasing the availability of energy weapons & ammo in all zone tiers t think it still! It does almost as much damage with too fast of a weapon spike damage is by far most... Wingman-And-Peacekeeper combo is quickly taking over Apex Legends is what brings so many contrasting backgrounds into one giant nexus experiences. Stacks to feel even remotely good a high-skill cap gun that you absolutely to! Your shots, the same can be a skull-piercer, this gun is face-melting to be. Knew about a week prior nice, juicy memes do the guns may change over time Wingman nothing.

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